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Addiction to drugs is a serious condition that often warrants the need for professional medical treatment and care in order to get well. Many people who suffer from addiction also have underlying mental health conditions, chronic pain disorders or other health conditions that contribute to their drug abuse. The devastating consequences that come from prolonged drug abuse can lead to a life-time of hurt, pain and suffering.

Fortunately, there are a number of therapy options available to assist those who are addicted to a range of substances to get well and stay sober. Instead of allowing the disease of addiction to take over your life, why not consider one of the therapy options available in an inpatient drug rehabilitation program to help you get well?

Therapy for drug addiction encompasses medications & medical care, counseling & behavioral treatment methods. Below is an overview of each:

Medications & Medical Care

Medications are often used to help the addict during various aspects of the overall treatment and recovery process. For an individual who suffers from an underlying mental illness that is at the root cause of his or her addiction, medications may be used to help counteract their behaviors and their desire to abuse drugs.

Other times, medications are used for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms to make the detoxification process go more smoothly and comfortably for the patient. Sometimes, especially with opiate addictions such as those related to many types of prescription pain medications and heroin, medications are the only way to comfortably make it through the detoxification process without posing a significant danger or risk to the patient.

Some of the most commonly used medications include:

  • Buprenorphine
  • Naltrexone
  • Suboxone
  • Methadone
  • Acamprosate
  • Disulfiram


Although counseling tends always to build the foundation for an effective treatment program, the methods of counseling and level by which an individual must attend counseling in order for it to be most effective will differ from one patient to the next. You can read more about counseling here.

Behavioral Treatments

Many different types of behavioral therapy exist to provide patients with effective treatment for addiction. These treatments may enhance the effectiveness of medication, counseling and other methods of treatment that are being used in conjunction with one another to help patients remain in treatment and stay sober. The most common methods of behavioral treatment that are used in therapy during inpatient drug rehab include:

  • CBT- also known as cognitive behavioral therapy, this method of treatment helps patients recognize, avoid and learn how to effectively cope with situations that would otherwise lead to their abuse of drugs.
  • Multidimensional family therapy- this method of therapy used in drug rehab helps younger adults with their drug problems by incorporating the family into the therapy and devising a situation in which the overall family function and support is improved.
  • Motivational interviewing – a common method of treatment used for those who suffer from various types of drug addiction, motivational interviewing uses the desire of an individual to change his or her behaviors to the benefit of the therapy and helps by providing motivation and incentives for doing well.
  • Motivational incentives – also known as contingency management, this method of drug abuse therapy focuses on providing patients with positive reinforcement when they do well in treatment such as for completing certain milestones or staying sober for a particular length of time.

We can help you find treatment,
call 1-877-662-0828 for help